What is Windfall Token (WFT) ?

Windfall is a blockchain-based transaction management solution that gives individuals and businesses the tools they need to control and protect personal identity information.

The platform is designed to change the way we think about transaction verification by giving users more control over their personal data, while allowing them to access a wide range of services without needing to fork out over excessive amounts of personal information.

Windfall's transaction verification solution uses distributed ledger technology to authorize transaction usage in real time, and is used to sparingly share data with Windfall partners after authorization by the user.

The Windfall ecosystem is enabled by a unique utility token known as the Wind- fall token (WFT), which is used for the settlement of transaction-related data between Windfall participants — such as a customer and service provider. Users can earn WFT tokens for completing a variety of tasks, such as signing up for a service through the platform or introducing new users, while validators can earn WFTs for validating for service providers. Windfall was launched in April, 2021.

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