Market State

The real estate industry stands as one of the most valuable and foundational sectors worldwide, yet it remains encumbered by traditional practices that often inhibit efficiency, transparency, and global accessibility. The advent of digital technologies, particularly blockchain and virtual reality, presents a unique opportunity to address these longstanding challenges. Windfall is at the intersection of these technologies with the real estate sector, identifying key trends, target markets, and competitive landscapes.

Digital marketplaces for real estate have emerged of the years, for numerous functionalities like short and long-term renting, buying and selling ready-made properties, land, and hotel bookings. However, unless these marketplaces have some exclusive deal, or agreement with the hotels, or developers, in which buyers can get a better price, most of these marketplaces make most of their revenue from ads and sponsorship deals. However the commission or the transaction fees are usually subverted.

Furthermore, the fiscal relationship between acting in good faith as a seller, and the platform itself is distant. While the idea is that sellers and Providers get more buyers and renters if they have good ratings, this relationship is ambiguous. Windfall will use the $WFT token to reward Providers and Consumers who act in good faith in a much more direct way. Paying Providers and Consumers if they get a good rating on the platform in the token.

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