Metaverse Virtual Real Estate

Which are also used to purchase in-world products and services. The virtual world of Decentraland is clustered into districts with each one having a unique type of content. Users can traverse these areas to interact, view, and share content. For creators and brands, these districts give them more targeted traffic that enables them to bring their content to specific audiences.

If you’ve been playing Minecraft, you’d feel at home at Cryptovoxels. In this virtual world, you buy land and build on it using monochrome blocks. Customize your designs by adding colors and other elements you can purchase with native $COLR tokens. The platform also has built-in tools for editing, creating avatars, and chatting. Creators and brands can purchase digitized land to build galleries and stores that showcase their curated collections, products, or services. A parcel of land at Cryptovoxels currently sells at an average of $5,000 per lot, but prices can go as high as over $10,000 depending on the size and location of the property. Like other virtual worlds on the Ethereum blockchain, land ownership is permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Miller Lite, and Adidas stake their claims on these virtual worlds. Many early buyers of lots adjacent to them or within the vicinity have raked in massive income from their investments.

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